Plumbing Heating
  • Plumber (Gas and Propane certification)
  • Steamfitters, Pipefitters and Sprinkler system installers
Programs-Plumbing Heating

Program duration Number of semesters
2 Years 4

Program Description
The Plumbing and Heating program prepares students to practice the trade of pipe fitter. This trade is part of the building services sector and includes two specialties: plumbing and heating. Generally speaking, pipe fitters install, modify, repair and maintain plumbing and heating systems. More specifically, they work on pipes in water supply and drainage systems. They also work on pipes and other components of hydronic, steam, forced air, oil, radiant, natural gas and propane heating systems. They are interested in new technologies, in particular renewable energy (e.g. geothermic, solar).

Career Choices
  • Plumber (Gas and Propane certification)
  • Steamfitters, Pipefitters and Sprinkler system installers
  • Oil and Solid Fuel Heating Mechanics
  • To enable the students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to identify install, maintain,repair and modify drainage systems, venting systems, and hot and cold water supply systems
  • To understand and apply the Québec Plumbing Code; to solve problems related to the operation of water heaters; to read and interpret plumbing and heating plans for single and multiple-unit residences
  • To install, adjust and maintain natural gas and propane-burning systems
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical and electronic control systems
Admission prerequisites
  • Higher Secondary, Diploma or/and recognized equivalent
  • A minimum of second division i.e. overall 50% in academics
  • Fluency in English with a level of IELTS 6.0 band preferred but not less than level 5.5
  • Applicants from China/Korea and other Non-English speaking countries should take English Second Language to meet the admission requirements if they do not have IELTS 6.0
  • Or equivalence as established by the ministère de l’Education, du Loisir et du Sport or the ministere de l’Immigration et des Communautes culturelles
Program Modules
The Trade and the Training Process  
Health and Safety on Construction Sites  
Handling Equipment, Materials and Products  
Mechanical Piping Systems  
Installing Electrical Components  
Interpreting Plans and Specifications  
Installing Drainage Systems  
Installing Ventilation Systems  
Electrical and Electronic Control Systems  
Basic Welding-Brazing  
Installing Hot and Cold Water Distribution Systems, Plumbing Fixtures  
Maintaining and Repairing Pipes, Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories  
Energy and Heating  
Installing, Maintaining and Repairing Oil-Burning Appliances  
Installing and Repairing Direct and Reverse Heating Systems  
Installing and Repairing Perimeter Heating Systems  
Installing Gas-Burning Systems  
Installing and Repairing Radiant Heating Systems  
Install and repair Low-Pressure Steam Heating Systems  
Organizations Involved in the Construction Industry  
Job Search Techniques  
Program Schedules
  • January
  • May
  • September

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