• Bread Maker in artisanal Bakery

Program duration Number of semesters
1Year 3

Program Description
The general objectives of the Bread Making program are to acquire the knowledge, ability and attitude necessary to evaluate the physical and chemical properties of a dough, choose the basic ingredients for different baked goods, write a production recipe, prepare preferment and sourdoughs, knead dough, cut, round and shape dough, shape white and specialty bread dough, prepare bread and viennoiserie pastry and bake bread and other bakery goods.

Career Choices
  • Bread Maker in artisanal Bakery
  • Work in a pastry shop, semi-industrial bakery and/or a catering company
  • Entrepreneur who will either purchase a franchise or launch his own bakery
  • To follow hygiene and sanitation rules
  • To select, use and maintain professional Bread Making tools and equipment
  • To make a variety of breads; white bread, specialty doughs, and viennoiserie pastry doughs
  • Learn to write a production recipe, knead, cut, round and shape doughs
  • Learn to prepare preferments, control fermentation and evaluate the physical and chemical properties of dough
Admission prerequisites
  • Higher Secondary, Diploma or/and recognized equivalent
  • A minimum of second division i.e. overall 50% in academics
  • Fluency in English with a level of IELTS 6.0 band preferred but not less than level 5.5
  • Applicants from China/Korea and other Non-English speaking countries should take English Second Language to meet the admission requirements if they do not have IELTS 6.0
  • Or equivalence as established by the ministère de l’Education, du Loisir et du Sport or the ministere de l’Immigration et des Communautes culturelles
Program Modules
The Occupation and the Training Process  
Hygiene and Cleanliness  
Basic Ingredients and Baked Goods  
Production Recipes  
Kneading Doughs  
The Chemistry of Bread  
Preferments and Sourdoughs  
Preparing Bread Doughs  
Cutting, Rounding and Shaping  
Shaping White Bread Dough  
Shaping Specialty Bread Dough  
Controlling Fermentation  
Viennoiserie Pastry Dough  
Viennoiserie Pastries  
Baking Bread  
Entering the Work Force  
Program Schedules
  • January
  • May
  • September

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